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Hi There!  I'm Chantal Gibson and I'm the Founder of it's Done by Chantal.  I'm an interior designer, wife & mom living in Ashburn, Virginia.  I began my business, it's DONE, to help those who simply don't have the time to take on their dream home projects.  I love working with my clients to create beautifully designed, yet comfortable and livable spaces.  As an avid believer in small changes that make a big impact, I assist my clients in everything from selecting paint colors, furniture shopping, decor styling, and full home renovations.  

I hate projects hanging over me and i feel that if things are in their place, peoples lives are happier.  I started with not only my own home, but friends homes as well, which is where I uncovered my passion in creating those "wow" factors in peoples homes and making them step outside of their boxes.  That's why I decided to take a risk to do what I love and it's DONE was born!

In my opinion, a room remodel doesn't need to cost a lot of money.  Whether it's simply selecting the right paint color for your space or just rearranging the things you already have in your home, we can bring a space to life on any budget.

I vow to be transparent with all of my clients, which is why I think I stand out among other designers in not marking up the furniture we buy together and I even allow you to take advantage of my designer discount at my favorite stores! 

Whether it's just one little thing or several things that changes a space, it's amazing to watch the transformation unfold and what I enjoy most about it's DONE! 

It's also important for me to note that I don't just work with one style of home decor.   I've worked on projects featuring various styles, from farmhouse-chic to contemporary.  I vow to take on your style, whatever that may be.  It's my job to help you feel good about coming home and I can't wait to help you with your next home project.

Consider it DONE!

- Chantal


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